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Inspired by cosmetic medicine to help fight the early signs of skin ageing, from your mid 20's to your mid 30's. Now paraben-free and supercharged with our patented active ingredient, Vectorised Micro-Collagen, the new Smoothing Cream is designed to erase fine lines, relax expression lines, plump and offer a Botox-type effect. You can combine this with the Rich Smoothing Cream for use as a day and night cream. These creams will act as the first line of defence if you are worried about fine lines and wrinkles, but act equally well to fight the signs of ageing that have already appeared. Suitable for all skin types.

Test results*:
Skin is smoother for 90% of users
Skin is wrinkle-free for 81% of users
Skin is softer for 100% of users
Skin is luminous for 95% of users

Resultime Smoothing Cream

  • Apply in the morning and evening to the entire face and neck, over a suitable serum and avoiding the eye area.

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