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Bikini wax styles: All the shapes and confusing salon lingo, explained...

Regular Bikini Wax

Ideal for a first time waxer, the bikini line touch up is exactly as the name would suggest, a tidy up around the edges. A good option if you want to keep things on the natural side, but prefer a little more definition. Hair is removed from anywhere outside of a modest panty line - so around the tops of thighs

Extended Bikini Wax

Similarly to the above, the full bikini wax is still nice 'n' natural, but with a little more of a neaten up around the top and sides.

Brazilian Bikini Wax

A Brazilian wax  takes the hair off the top and most of the sides of the bikini line, however it does not take from the back.

Brazilian Bikini Wax Extended

Extended  Brazilian they take the hair off the top and sides of the bikini line, but also all the way under and around the back too.The shape of the hair at the front is totally up to you, but the landing strip is a classic option. Other popular shapes include a tiny triangle and a postage stamp, but feel free to ask for whatever style you prefer.

Hollywood Wax

The Hollywood Wax removes all hair including the back.

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