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Micro-current is used to help relax muscles which have become “fixed” in place.
Stimulation of the muscle tissue will lift the features and fight the effects of gravity.

A course of ten is recommended for optimum results
DELUXE BIOTHERAPEUTIC (including exfoliation and Collagen Mask)


From a simple beauty flash providing and instant rejuvenated texture and lift to tired skin, to a more in-depth treatment for lines, wrinkles, acne scarring.

CRYSTAL CLEAR DELUXE (45 mins including Collagen Mask)

Using diamond tipped wand to exfoliate and polish the skin. This treatment reduces wrinkles, improves acne scarring and leaves your skin smooth. Ultrasound is used to penetrate active products into the skin and increase the production of collagen and elastin.

The Bio-oxygen facial treatment gently pushes high performance cosmetic
formulations deep into the skin via a high pressure jet of oxygen. Excellent for

reduction of lines and wrinkles. Improving sun-damaged skin, loss of elasticity and bringing radiance back to smokers’ skin.ow a little more about you.​


Using 3 specific light waves (red, near infrared and blue light treatment) that are absorbed by the skin and cause a positive chemical reaction to treat many skin conditions.

RED light will benefit all skin types but has a a unique rejuvenating effect due to the stimulation of fibroblasts producing collagen.

BLUE light is proven to be extremely effective in the treatment of acne and assisting in the prevention of further break-outs.

NEAR INFRA-RED light is the most deeply absorbed wavelengthby skin tissue and works synergistically with RED light, synthesising collagen, elastin and growth factors to counteract ageing and skin damage.


  • Extract

  • Exfoliate

  • Infuse

  • Rejuvenate

TheSoonophoresis treatment uses high frequency ultrasound vibrations to penetrate the skin and exfoliate the upper layer of dead skin cells.
24,000 vibrations per second create high speed oscillations, helping to extract extra sebum and blackheads from pores with no trauma. Gentle ultrasound vibrations cleanse skin thoroughly leaving skin fresh and smooth, completely prepared for product infusion.



Frax RF distributes RF energy through numerous non-invasive metal nano-electrodes, which creates a deep heating of the skin layers. This deep-controlled heat accelerates the creation of dermal collagen and elastin fibres in the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin.

There is no pain, or any uncomfortable sensation, purely a deep intense heat. No downtime or recovery.

Fractional RF System is successfully used to treat ageing skin. This skin condition is characterized by decreasing of the skin elasticity and as a result the thinning of the epidermal and dermal skin layers; these skin changes result in fine lines, wrinkles, tone and skin texture issues.

Deep stimulating nano-electrodes fractional RF treatment provides controlled dermal damage, and boosts further neocollagenesis. The main benefit of non-invasive fractional radiofrequency (RF) is that this technology allows deep skin rejuvenation without impacting the entire skin’s surface, because the multiple smooth RF pins cause thermal stress to the dermis in microscopic targeted zones. The intact surrounding tissue helps to increase the skin recovery process.

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