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This intense smoothing scrub is inspired by microdermabrasion. It uses Pink Quartz Micro-Particles and Bamboo Powder to remove dead skin cells, and enzymes to renew the skin. It leaves the skin soft, smooth and luminous. It is suitable for most skin types, and is ideal for dull skin, and those who like a "scrub" sensation. Avoid it if you are prone to sensitivity.

Test Results*:

Skin is smooth and soft for 100% of users
Skin is refined and clear for 100% of users
Skin looks "like new" for 95% of users
Skin is luminous for 90% of users

Resultime Microdermabrasion Scrub

  • Apply in the morning or evening to the face and neck, no more than twice a week, avoiding the eye area. Leave for five minutes. Moisten fingers and then gently massage in circular movements to emulsify. Rinse and tone to finish.

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