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Exfoliating Face Cream Radiant Skin

In less than 2 minutes, the application of the scrub on the entire face frees the skin of dead cells.
The skin breathes again, feels lighter and appears more radiant. 
Micro-grains gently remove impurities, which prevent the skin from breathing freely.
The face becomes smoother and softer, ideally prepared for the application of skin care products.
For all types of skin.
With Apricot Stones...

- Papaya Extracts allow for gentle exfoliation, smoothing skin imperfections.

- Sweet Almond Oil has softening and nourishing properties.

After 2 applications in a 9 person case study:
- 100% of participants found their complexion appeared radiant.
- 88.8% of participants found their skin softer and more comfortable.

Cosmecology Skin Peel

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