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Moisturising Mask Beauty Radiance

10 minutes after application, among the fruity or flowery scents of the mask, your complexion will appear radiant and fine lines will be less visible.
The precious plant extracts that accompany the Raspberry Seed Oil penetrate their beneficial properties into the skin.
MASK HYDRA is a true moisture burst and a moment of pleasure that relaxes the face and leaves the complexion radiant.
For all types of skin.
With Raspberry Extract...

- Hyaluronic Acid maintains the hydration of the skin.

- Jojoba Oil helps prevent dehydration of the skin by restoring and strengthening the skin barrier.


After 2 applications in a 9 person case study:
- 100% of participants found their skin better hydrated and more comfortable.
- 100% of participants found their complexions radiant.

Cosmecology Moisturising Mask

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