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Introducing our brand new line up of products for 2021

Jean d'Estrees CC Cream

Jean d'Estrees CC Cream is the fusion of a complete moisturising skincare and the perfection of a long lasting make-up.

Encapsulated pigments create a perfect shade which matches your skin instantly. 

This moisturising formula hydratdes your skin without feeling heavy or greasy. It brightens and unifies your skin.



Jean d'Estress Gabrielle Mask

At the heart of this gel-mask, real rose petals infuse and liberate their properties. Hyuloronic acid leaves the skin moisturised and toned, visibly smooth and relaxed. This mask can also be used like a serum applied under your moisturiser for increased hydration.



Jean d'Estrees Ultra Vitamin Wake-Up Cream

A fresh, hydrating, smoothing cream. It contains 12 active ingredients to invigorate, tone the skin and keeping it looking young.

  • Ginger: - Boosts cell exchange and replenishes energy reserves.

  • Vitamin C: - Neutralises damage from free radicals.

  • Lupin lipopeptides - Oxygenates, stimulates, smoothes the surface relief of the skin.

  • Soy Extract :  - Supplies nutriments, increases the respiration of the cells by 30%.

  • Hyaluronic Acid : - Ensures intense hydration of the epidermis.

      Apply morning and evening on cleansed face and neck.



Jean d'Estrees Quenching Mask

This rich and silky mask is a genuine moisture bath which, from its first application, brings immediate relief to the most thirsty skins. Brings comfort, softness and suppleness to the skin.


Hydroactif  complex: 13.01% -Hydrocapt : 9.01% - Hydrorepair :4% - Active ingredient with excellent moisture-retaining properties for an instant hydrating effect.



Jean d'Estrees Radance Scrub

Delicate scrub to  eliminate dead cells and impurities; illuminates the complexion.  Light cream with exfoliating particles.

  • Apricot kernel microbeads: 2,5% Eliminate dead cells / mechanical exfoliation

  • Mung bean extract: 3% Strengthens the skin barrier / protects from external aggressions

  • Tannins: Antioxidant Sterols: healing / repairing / improve the natural defense of the skin and the micro-circulation Flavonoids: antioxidant / anti-inflammatory

  • / Anti-ageing Plum oil: 2% Moisturizing / Smoothing / Softening



Jean d'Estrees Hyularaction Cream

A repairing, moisturising, firming anti-ageing treatment cream with a lovely creamy rich texture.

Containing Hyular'complex 7%

Low molecular weight of hyaluronic acid to provide firmness and protection.

High molecualr weight of hyaluronic acid to plump the skin

Hydracomplex 3% complex of two moisturising and hydroscopic molecules to retain and capture water.

Oil complex to heal, nourish and protect the skin from curtaneous aggressions.



CO2 body sculptor

How it works 

Body sculpting gel is applied to the co2 patch, which then creates a chain reaction. The acid and carbonate react together creating co2. Which then soaks into the skin along with the active ingredients. The CO2 acts on the haemoglobin of red blood cells to release oxygen into the skin. This helps to boost metabolism, which strengthens the healing power of the skin.  


  • Reduces Cellulite by 17%*

  • Smooths Skin

  • Increases Oxygen Flow

  • Strengthens Fibrous Tissue

  • Fat Cells Destroyed

       £4.95 per sachet

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