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Cosmecology - beauty products protecting the planet!
Cosmecology products favour extracts not only from plants rich in active ingredients, vitamins and vegetable oils and butters, but also biotechnological active ingredients which stimulate the skin's vital functions.
Every formula is paraben-free and do not contain artificial colouring or GMO's (genetically modified organisms).
This is an affordable and simple skin care range from renowned brand Guinot - they are manufactured to the same high standards within a purified atmosphere and with complete product traceability.
It is a simplified range and contains a cleanser and toner for all skin types, a 4 in 1 cleanser, a moisturiser for oily, dehydrated or dry skins, an exfoliator, a hydrating mask for all skin types. The range also has three gorgeous shower gels, shampoo for each hair type and a nourishing conditioner.
It is perfect for young skins and for anyone who is looking for a more afffordable but simplified skin care range.​

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