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Midas Dry Oil

What a fabulous product this is! A dry shimmery oil, with not one paraben or mineral oil to be found......liking it even more!

Ok, so you know that the product will have your skin shimmering, let me give you the low down of the other ingredients that will nurture your skin whilst you’re dazzling your way through your party nights ahead.

This is more than just a party product. Apricot Oil will leave your skin feeling as though it has a skilky soft satin protecting it. Triglycerides is a great oil because it nourishes and hydrates the skin and is full of antioxidantsand fights free radicals. It is packed with Vitamin E so lots anti-ageing going on here!

Hazelnut oil and Bavassu Oil create that "dry oil" feel that will not transfer onto your clothes, and you do not want to be slipping all around the dance floor at your Christmas night out!

Pop some on your decolletage, or just down the front of your shin to elongate these legs. Your skin will be gorgeous with a hint of sparkle. At £24.95 and available at The Beauty Connection this is too good to miss.

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