Nutritive Face Cream

NUTRI SKIN is a delight for demanding skin in need of comfort and radiance.
This cream consists of unique efficacy of essential fatty acids found in Shea Butter, Camellia Oil and Vitamin F.
Its creamy texture absorbs quickly into the skin providing it with comfort.
Day after day, your face regains its calmness and natural beauty.
With Shea Butter...

Camellia Oil has nourishing and restoring properties.
Vitamin F is essential for the surface hydrolipid film.

After 15 days of treatment (application morning and evening) in a 8 person case study:

- 100% of participants found their skin more nourished and better hydrated.

- 100% of participants reported an improvement in the softness of the skin.

- 87.5% of participants found that feelings of discomfort subsided.

Cosmecology Nutri Skin