Mattifying Face Cream

MAT SKIN balances excess sebum, mattifies and purifies the skin.
This cream refines the skin and tightens pores.
The texture is particularly suitable for combination and oily skin.
Day after day, the skin regains its balance and natural beauty.
With Burdock Extract...
- Oleanic Acid, Olive Leaf Extract, has a regulatory action on seborrhoea.

- Givobio G Zn has sebo-regulating properties.

- The mattifying mineral powder absorbs sebum and neutralises shine.

After 15 days of treatment (application morning and evening) in 15 person case study:

- 100% of participants  had a decrease in sebum (-37.5% on average).
- 85.7% of participants reported a mattifying effect.
- 85.7% of subjects found their skin less shiny.

Cosmecology Matt Skin